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Nixxy's Application

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1Nixxy's Application Empty Nixxy's Application on Tue Mar 14, 2017 2:31 pm

AQ3D Username: Nixxy

Preferred Name(s): Nixxy

Character Level: 16

Reason For Joining: Nice to have easy access to another community of players to be able to share information and be coordinated. At the moment there is no global chat to be able to talk with everyone for help so these kind of communities are the best option to find friends and groups to do stuff in game.

Do you meet all other requirements: Yes! I am over level 13, I have all the Nightlocke weapons but I don't use them rocking that Scale Slayer, and I am online in the game more than a weekly basis I login at least a little while every day to use my keys and such. Also given the fact I am always on discord on go or at home, my activity there will be no issue either.

Twitter handle: WorldsVG

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