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1 DRICKEN NATION: DRICKEN LORE on Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:00 pm



Since as long as anyone could ever remember, this tale has stood the test of time, as for truth is eternal. Legends aren't born they, are made, and the greatest example lies here. Long ago, from the Forge of Creation, was made the very sculpting tool of the universe - "The Hammer of Creation". The very essence of this powerful hammer manifested unto a man of unknown origin. - The Assassin. He, with his powers of creation, formed the “Drickens”, a legendary society which consisted of the legions of legends from all over. They were the strongest around, a powerful force to be reckoned with. Under Assassin's rule, the Drickens flourished and continuously grew. They created times of peace and prosperity, that is until the minions of “The Evil”, those born of hate, jealousy, greed, and malice, attacked. The master builder, Assassin, tried with all his might and vigor, but it was for naught. His hands were of creation, and couldn't destroy, so all seemed lost. Suddenly, the Forge of creation created a powerful weapon known as the "Blade of Destruction", and from that very blade rose Fore, the incarnation of destruction, the true master of doom. He came to the Dricken’s aid, and his stare alone was more than enough to incinerate the minions of evil, vanquishing them quickly. He rained death and destruction on anyone else who dared try to harm the Drickens, becoming their protector. At Last the balance was complete, creation and destruction, two sides of the same coin, Yin and Yang. Together the Brother King’s started a cycle of infinity.
To this day, legends, stories, myths, and tales of the great and powerful “Dricken King’s Fore and Assassin” are still told as they continue their peaceful reign. They are the perfect duo, one always working with the other. Without either, the rules and laws of life would vanish. The Brother King’s rule peacefully over those who inhabit Dricken Nation.They are backed by a powerful army of Drickenmurais, ready to take on any conflict that comes their way. “The Dricken Legion”, a head unit of the Dricken army, reside in and patrol the streets of the capital, the City of DrickenTalon, overseeing all public duties to prevent chaos and disruption. At the first sign, they instantly crush it. Many of who wish to see evil take over, have tried to overthrow the Brother King’s, and put in place a new leader, but to no avail. It is said that they can see through deceit and lies with the help of their all seeing Elder Drickens, the most powerful Drickenmancers in all of the nation, and Royal Advisors, Bamba and Korn.
Drickens excel in many aspects that helps them survive in the most inhospitable parts of the world. Slaying dragons for their hide and horns, killing the undead for their bones, and slaying bosses for their rare loot. The loot they farm is where a major source of their income comes from due to how tenacious their spirit is and how they hunt as a pack. Their magicians use a lot of the loot they receive to enchant equipment and give them a variety of abilities, helping them in their dungeon endeavors. A lot of their economy revolves around loots, but they also have common, everyday trades such as smithing, baking, farming, hunting and trading.
An elite secret force that performs undercover operations and give their lives and service to the Brother King's. They are very careful about any possible info leaks, leaving outsiders in the dark, and will quickly silence those who are even the smallest of a threat to the Flametalons. They are quite close, but they live their own separate lives that each has no idea about in order to protect themselves from each other in case of capture. Their location and bases are unknown, but it is said they tend to lurk underground and work the strings of the city behind the scenes. Each one of them is known to be so powerful that they are equal in strength to the High Legion Dricken Overlord in ordinary circumstances.
The City of DrickenTalon is the capital of Dricken Nation. It’s a bustling city of business and relaxation. Plazas, marketplaces, vendors throughout town, and people with smiles on their faces. The Dricken Legion is stationed in this city in a building known as the Roost, and sitting in the middle of this beautiful city is the Dricken Castle, home of the Brother King's and their advisors.
Dricken Tower is home and office to the Royal Advisors, Bamba and Korn.
The location that the Dricken Legion unit resides in. This is where they hold their meetings and come to executive decisions regarding the city that doesn’t need the Brother King's approval to put into action.
Home to the Brother King’s and their advisors. This castle sits in the center of the city and is surrounded by a beautiful moat, bridges leading out from the palace to the edges. These bridges are magically maintained, and any damage can be instantly repaired right away. As a defence mechanism, these bridges will sink into the moat to help the Brother King's avoid potential danger. Once sunk, a magical barrier renders the castle invisible and protected by a magical fog, which cannot be traversed by any normal means, making it virtually impossible to find otherwise.
The wildlife here is filled with a variety of mythological creatures along with the normal collection. It is said that Dricken Nation is where many have even originated. Take note that it is considered rude to call certain species “wildlife” due to being residents. (Examples being centaurs and minotaurs.)
The Dricken Brother King's. They rule over all Dricken Nation, backed by her Drickenites army, and their private group of assassins, the Flametalons. Some of the citizens see the Brother King's as gods, and even theorise that they are the creator of the magic and life that is around them.
Bamba, one of the two Royal Advisors. He is a Drickenmancer of the Dricken Nation, and is known to be the strongest of them all. Not much else is known about him, as he tends to stay away from prying eyes in the safety of the castle or his home out in the Northern regions of Dricken Nation. The Brother King’s have long kept him from the public eye.
Korn, High Legion Dricken Overlord, co-leader of the Dricken Legion, and one of the strongest Drickenites in the Brother King’s army. His strength is only matched by the Drickenstalkers ordinarily, but with his magical sword, The Blade of Talons, he is practically unbeatable in single combat. Despite his tough reputation, personality-wise, he is actually quite friendly.
Silkie is the High Legion Princess, co-leader of the Dricken Legion, and one of the most agile and deadliest Drickenite in the Brother King’s army. It is rumoured that she can move so quick that even light kneels to her speed and agility. She is kind, yet firm. She had proved her loyalty through many years of dedication to the King’s house. When it comes to speed, she is unmatched in all of Dricken Nation.
Latus is the nation’s master strategist and treasurer. He helps lead the legions of Drickenites under his and the two overlord’s control, and with his help, they keep the nation organised and running smoothly. It is said that he was born in another realm but was left in the Dricken Nation as a gift. For many years he resided with wolfs until the King’s household took him in and trained him to become a vital asset to the nation. It is rumoured that no man can out think the great organiser, often he is seen advising the generals on what plans would be best carried out.
These are one of the most loyal and trustworthy groups of Drickens in the Nation! Through hard work, they earn the Badge of Drickenite. This is given out annually by the Kings to whom they see worthy of the Knighthood. The Road of becoming a Dricken Knight is long and hard, consisting of many tests. The main factor of a Dricken becoming a Dricken Knight is the work they have done to better the Nation and is a sign of distinction.
To be a Drickenmurai you are invited, this is a special privilege given out to those who show exceptional loyalty to the point of death for the ideologies of the Nation. This group is very secretive in the nation and will put potential applicants through many tests without them knowing, many fail those tests without ever knowing but those who pass the tests are welcomed into this elite circle who will give their life to protect and serve the Nation. There is many rumour as to their leader but no one knows except the Holy Dricken.

The backbone of the Dricken Nation, they are utterly loyal to the Brother King's and their requests. Through many years of loyalty and trust to the King's, they have been deemed worthy of this responsible role. They oversee different areas within the nation and make up the committee which makes sure that the nation’s treasury, valuables, and citizens are kept safe. They are also in charge of the generals and will deliver the King's messages directly where it is needed. The Loyal upholders of the law and order within the nation, it is said that without them, Dricken Nation would not exist. They have the special privilege of directly serving the Kings’ in the Dricken Castle.
Zeek is one of the demigods in the Dricken Nation. Zeus and the Necro Hen settled down and then gave birth to their hybrid son, Zeek. Right after the Necro Hen bore this child with wisdom and mystical powers, he was delivered to the Brother Kings to be raised in their kingdom and serve the people within it for the greater good. Zeek now spends his days using his powers to further the Dricken Nation and provides protection against vicious foes from other realms.
Gummy is a what? Nobody knows for sure, but he is a Dricken for certain. A long standing rumor has it that when Assassin mixed sugar, glucose syrup, starch, flavoring, food coloring, citric acid, gelatin and a drop of water from the fountain of youth, Gummy was created. He is the Dricken's secret source of finance, selling gummable bears and other sugary treats undercover. After all, hungry people are angry people. He’s similar to what a sugary syrup slime would be.
GrimJudge is a battle healer by birth and the last of his race. He was orphaned because of an attack on his people which led to his entire race being wiped out, but he was found by the Drickens and was raised and trained, furthering his skills in combat. He heals the ones who are injured and kills the ones who injure. Once, when a community of the Dricken Nation was affected by a sickly plague, he used his knowledge of medicine and herbs to cure the Drickens and eradicate the spreading diseases, earning the title of Plague Doctor. He is the best Combat Medic there is, his skills so impressive that even the Legion of Warriors ask for his assistance.
Bunnie belongs to a race of musical creatures called the Musicians, in a quest to discover new forms of music she set out from her homeland. One fine day, when traveling, she came across some troubled Drickens whose cattle were running amok, enraged. Bunnie sang a song so soothing, that the cattle not only stopped rampaging, but the Drickens too were so full of awe that they invited her to their kingdom. Bunnie liked the company of Drickens, so she settled there, singing songs of the Drickens glory and keeping the general temperaments at rest. She is also said to have invented numerous musical instruments.
Lockgold was born in a race of Elite Paladins, the Twelve Peers who are believed to be descendents of the mighty dragons, but he alone possessed the gift of the Dragons, as the dragon blood courses through his veins. To put his skills to better use, he traveled to the famed Dricken Nation, and upon his arrival, saw dragons attacking a helpless village. He tamed a few dragons but some simply refused to obey him; so he slayed them and harvested their blood, ridding the village of the dragon troubles and becoming their Guardian. Discreetly, he uses this blood in his forge to craft powerful weapons. He currently helps in building contraptions and siege machines to assist the Drickens when raiding enemy cities.
Toxic Babe, more widely known as Toxic, was kidnapped as a baby by evil witches, and the years following, she was raised and trained in witchcraft. She excelled most in one particular field - poison magic. One day, she found the truth of her upbringing, that the witches had not only abducted her but had also killed her parents. Enraged, she unleashed her fury upon the witches, using her extreme poisons to cause their bodies to instantly decay till there was nothing. Now with what was the only family she had dead, she was alone. She had heard that the Drickens accepted people like her, and journeyed to the Dricken Nation, where she quickly came to feel at home. She used her poison for good, killing enemies from the inside and teaching aspiring Drickens the arts of magic. A silly rumor has it she even got a letter from Hogwarts.
Yetiknight is a literal yeti. His kind is believed to be hiding in the Himalayas, and when he was young, he wandered off to the Dricken Nation on a journey, and it was where he then grew up learning human customs. Since then, he has been considered one of the Drickens. Due to being a yeti, he naturally gifted with immense strength and durability, allowing him to help the Drickens fight off powerful creatures and invading armies. The Yetiknight is so strong that he is seen as a living weapon, and has received a degree in destruction straight from Fore. Everyone assumes this beastly creature is invincible, but unknown to all is that the Yetiknight actually scared of pickles.
Zyo is a Homunculus, and is actually the result of Assassin reading Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Assassin was so inspired, that he decided to create his own artificial human. After years of experimentation, he tried and failed repeatedly, only to result in the creation of a weird ape, The weird ape was relocated to Skull Island from the Dricken Nation as it was too much maintenance. Despite this, Assassin kept on trying, and when he was about to finally give up, he remembered something. The Ultimate book of knowledge: "His Granny's book of recipes". Using the recipe book, he not only created a human, but the perfect Dricken too. This is how Zyo came to be.
Soy is a mysterious foreigner, with not much known about her besides that she came from a kingdom called “Soydum”. She came to the home of the Brother King’s one day, riding upon her horse, and offered Fore and Assassin a sack of spicy magical beans as a gift. Since then, she has become well known in the Dricken Nation, coming and going as she pleases, sometimes vanishing for long periods of time. She is an expert ranger, capable of taking out her enemies from afar with her deadly bow. She sells all sorts of bean commodities to the Drickens, and owns many secret gambling houses within the nation.
George is a sinister man, with not much being known about him besides that he seems to be there one moment, and gone the next. Some call him a ninja due to this skill of his. He is the combination of a marksman and a swordsman, the last thing his enemies always see is the glint of his blade before they are dead. He has also been dubbed the Sniper Snake, his precision and skill as deadly as a viper. Despite the mystery behind him, he is one of the most friendliest Drickens one may ever encounter.
These celestial beings are as old as time itself. They create worlds out of their imagination. The Drickens live in one of these worlds, and it is believed that they live in a secret base located at The Land of Flowers somewhere in Lore. The fountain of youth is rumored to be hidden somewhere in this location. There are 49 celestials in all, and it is told that it was the celestials who built the Forge of Creation.
The Drickens choose a citizen who is worthy every month, to wield the words of power and bear the title of fame, "Dricken Of the Month". Only those with high dedication and loyalty are awarded with this role. The practice of choosing is sacred and traditional, therefore making it difficult to be bestowed with such an honor. Those who receive it will become quite popular in the kingdom.
The Drickens, they are the populace of the Dricken Nation, and they consist of people from different races and backgrounds. Despite this, they are the perfect example for unity in diversity, each citizen capable of offering one another a helping hand. Every Dricken is responsible for the glory of the mighty Dricken Nation. They live by honor. An attack on one is an attack on all of them.
It is said that the Holy Dricken came down from the heavens as a bringer of secrets to the great beings Fore and Assassin. Sacred and treasured by gods themselves, the arrival of the holy dricken marked when the empire of the dricken nation had achieved independence and no longer needed the help of divine beings above. It was declared to be the nation’s treasure, being given the title of “Holy One”. Should a member of the dricken nation approach the Holy One, they would be blessed and forgiven for past mistakes. When praising the holy one, it blesses you with a shining bubble of light. If you ask it for food, a bucket of dricken nuggets appears in your hands. While in the same area as the Holy One, you gain 30% more exp. The holy one rests on chests, and when it leaves, it goes from common to rare. That the holy one can cross dimensions. If in trouble, the holy one can call upon an army of Drickens to defend it (think cocos from legend of Zelda). Some even believe that the Holy One is the reincarnation of the legendary hero Chuck Norris.

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