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History of Dricken Society

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1 History of Dricken Society on Tue Jun 20, 2017 3:31 pm


A brief history of Dricken Society

Sometime in early October of 2016 Fore and Assassin started discussing the idea of creating an environment where players in AQ3D could meet up, chat and share ideas. It would be a place that will be competitive yet fun and most importantly enjoyable. Over the next couple of months, a group of staff members was raised up to make up the foundation of Dricken Society. They as a team created the beginning of something that now is a top tier AQ3D Guild! The motto of the team right from the start was and is "quality over quantity". Dricken Society was to be a guild full of inspiring, hard working, determined and smart individuals.

That dream was slowly coming to fruition and on Christmas day in 2016 Dricken Society was officially open to the public. Ever since it's inception the growth has steadily increased and now it has a variety of amazing players such as very well known AQ3D Youtubers, Artix Entertainment staff team members and well-known community players. The Guild is like a fine working machine with many big and small parts that work perfectly in unison. Since its early beginnings, there has been no difference between those who hold special privileges in the guild to normal members apart from their responsibility. We are a brotherhood first before anything else, each member will protect the other and together we are one.

Today you’ll find a vibrant guild of players who love AQ3D and other AE games. We’re an active community looking to help engage other players and create a caring fan base. We hold regular events, have discussions, create art, videos and even do live streams; all thanks to the hard working members of this guild. If you’re looking to find friendly, helpful and cooperative like-minded players, then you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Dricken Society

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